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3 Things That Connect Us

Love, Time, and Death

Will Smith, in his recent movie, Collateral Beauty, says there are three abstractions that connect every single human being on earth: Love, Time, and Death. He goes on to say, “Everything we covet, everything we fear not having, and everything that we end up buying is because, at the end of the day, we long for Love, wish we had more Time, and we fear Death.

Although Smith is talking to his advertising team, it’s crazy how closely aligned his message is to the companies we’ve highlighted in CAUSE! What is your Company’s WHY? Do you offer solutions, provision or products to things we covet most… love, time, death?

To learn about companies who do know their WHY and who do offer solutions for LOVE, TIME, and DEATH, read CAUSE!




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A Sample

Read Before You Buy

If you like to sample before you buy, here is a link to Chapter 1 Part One: The ROI of CAUSE! Be sure to click on “Read an Excerpt.” We hope you are inspired by the read!

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Blanchard Leaderchat Podcast

Ken Blanchard’s LeaderChat

The Ken Blanchard Companies invited Jackie to participate in the Blanchard Leaderchat Podcast with Chad Gordon. Ken Blanchard opens and closes the conversation. Have a listen – it’s live now.

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For Better Results

Another New Keynote!

Why not bring this message live to your next meeting or event. Since “We All Lead,” this 60 minute keynote will give your team ten valuable takeaways they can practice immediately to grow their impact as leaders.

A great fit for audiences of seasoned leaders, high potential leaders and millennials.

To check fees and availability, contact Darcy@Freibergs.com

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