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What’s More Important?


Q: “What’s more important, technique or attitude?”

A: “Attitude! You gotta believe in the MISSION! Once they believe, we can teach the technique/skill.”

There is no doubt, the BEST places, where the BEST people can do their BEST work, are places that hire for attitude and train for skill.

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Grit and Determination vs…


Impact and Connection

What is the magic formula for success? There is none! Although, most people agree success requires a lot of hard work and determination, not many people are the storied overnight success. We tell our children all the time, success is not only about WHAT you know, success is also highly influenced by HOW you are perceived by those around you (your brand) and WHO you know (your network connections).

What can you do to grow your skill? …WHAT you know.

What can you do to improve your brand?HOW you make an impact.

What can you do to broaden your network? …WHO you know.

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Dream Green

Spread Kindness

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Are You Brave?

Are Your Kids Brave?

As very proud parents of a female (Bad A$$) fire fighter, this 12 minute TED Talk is a must view for anyone who wants to inspire more bravery at home, at work, and in life!

Our daughter, Aubrey, graduated #1 in her Fire Academy and she was one of only 3 females. Aubrey owns bravery and has inspired all of us in the family to follow her example.

What can you do to own bravery, better discern fear, and inspire more courage in others?

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Simple is Hard

WHY makes it simple

Order CAUSE! It outlines GOOD companies that know how to simplify and grow trust. WHY matters. People will work for a CAUSE and people will buy for a CAUSE…CAUSE helps simplify the tough stuff.

Now available at B&N, local book stores, airport stores and Amazon

Buy bulk orders of 30 or more for your team so together you can lead with simple but worthy WHY top of mind.

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Two Silver Bullets

Find it… Share it

If you have not found your gift, read CAUSE! Meaning in life doesn’t have to involve 3rd world mission trips, it can be a part of the every day. Don’t waste another minute, find it so you can share it.

Available at airports, Barnes & NobleAmazonBooks-A-Million, and IndieBound. For team orders, visit Freibergs.com


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