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Farewell 2016

Hello 2017

Cheers to a fresh start and a new spring in your step for the New Year and beyond. Wishing You Peace, Joy and Prosperity.

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Make Yourself Comfy

Celebrate Difference

What are you doing to grow a spirit of hospitality in your home, your office, your neighborhood, your community? Hospitality is a key to inspiring a spirit of collaboration, and collaboration is a key to innovation. Here are 17 strategies for growing hospitality, collaboration and innovation.

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Is it Really Content?

What Really Matters?

Do you understand your impact? How you land on people? Your style? If not, you should, because it matters! People of Impact say what they mean, mean what they say, and say it with gravitas! Grow your gravitas for greater impact, POI will show you how.

POI: The difference between those who engage with arrogance and those who engage with humility.

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Leadership Isn’t Easy or Fair

Leadership is Purpose Driven

Leadership isn’t he or she, black or white, young or old, experienced or green. It is Both And! Leadership is both he and she, colorful, multigenerational, experienced and green. Here is another powerful perspective on what it takes to lead from a Four Star “humble” and funny Army General.

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Do You Do?

Or Do You Don’t?

Great leaders do!  (Do Something Now!)

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