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Binge Together

Grow Together

Here are 7 TED Talks that will inform and inspire you, colleagues, family and friends to take on this new year with greater insight, energy and intention. Over the holidays we’re sitting down as a family and instead of watching toxic news reports or bang ’em up shoot ’em up flicks, we’re binging on TED talks… We actually hate the thought of binge watching, but when it involves TED Talks, it seems justified!

And, what if, in January you invite colleagues to a TED lunch and watch one talk a week for the next seven weeks? This is a great way to inspire your team, learn together, share new goals and hold each other accountable. Why not be the change you want to see in your company…Do It, lead it, make it happen. Check it out here.

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Could You Be More Productive?

Habit # 9:  Walk and Talk!

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I Love the Hum!

Is Hum Your Drug?



Are you drugged and confused by the Hum? If so, listen to this TED talk, it will inspire you to rethink work AND play to find confidence, love, peace, and freedom!

Shondra Rhimes, the titan behind Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and one of Time Magazine’s “100 People Who Helped Shape the World,” shares her “year of yes” as a way to rediscover that insatiable and overly desired (yet so often unattainable) work/play HUM!


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Are You Smart?

Smart People Challenge Assumptions

Do you consider yourself smart? Do you know smart people? What are the characteristics of smart people?

Well, let’s start with what smart people are NOT: The smartest people in the world are NOT the people who think they know the most. The smartest people are the people who know how much they don’t know. Ignorance can be bliss AND blinding. Ignorant people think they know it all and they create their own realities based upon assumptions, assumptions that may not be real or accurate.

Smart people are humble people, they do not base their behaviors, opinions and world views on assumptions, they avoid assumptions! Smart people challenge assumptions. They practice critical realism— humility coupled with curiosity which keeps us asking and seeking more knowledge, insight and perspective.

What if our politicians challenged assumptions, lifted off the blinders of arrogance and ignorance, and were more in search of knowledge over self interest?

  • What are you, as a leader of your team, family, business, and community, doing to practice humble curiosity, to seek and grow knowledge and avoid self-aggrandizement? 
  • What are you doing to challenge closely held assumptions that may be blinding you from a more informed perspective, a more accurate perspective?

Smart people don’t need to be right, they need to be informed!

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