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January 31, 2012

5 MORE Basic Truths Innovators Live By

6. Risk more, fail faster. Unless you test the limits of what you can achieve, you’ll never really know your boundaries. Without failure you will never be able to determine how much capacity you have.

7. Who ever succeeded by being a conformist? To stand out in a sea of sameness you have to be a renegade and a maverick, you have to be different. Me too = Me dead!

8. Instinctively we all want to live, but our deepest longing is to be ALIVE! You ARE going to die—make sure you live first.

9. We dream not to escape life, but to keep life from escaping us. Never compromise your dream for the sake of fear, fortune, fame, status or power. Love what you do, or don’t do it.

10. You are known by the company you keep. That company can draw you up or drag you down. Hire people who don’t Suck energy, passion and life out of your company. Instead choose to run with people who inspire you to think BIG and act BOLD.

Kevin & Jackie

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January 24, 2012

5 Basic Truths Innovators Live By

1. Don’t lean on yesterday’s headlines. Your lock on success is only as good as your last piece of work. You are never more vulnerable to complacency, arrogance, indifference, and inflexibility than when you are riding the wave of success. A motto for avoiding complacency: “Great today… Better tomorrow.”

2. You can’t have innovation and renewal if you aren’t willing to question authority and challenge the status quo—put every process, policy, rule and regulation on probation constantly!

3. Defy mediocrity. When you complete a project, look at it and ask, “Is this a WOW? Will this astonish people—as in knock’em on their butt?”

4. Being RIGHT is highly overrated—pursue the best solution whether it’s yours or not. Usually there’s more than one RIGHT, once you embrace this simple truth you’ll be less afraid of doing the wrong thing.

5. Helplessness and powerlessness are states of mind—neither will serve you well. Being a victim may not be a choice, but being victimized is a choice. If you are confronted with a bad situation either change the situation or choose a different attitude.

  • Don’t place blame, take responsibility.
  • Don’t make excuses, make something happen.
  • Don’t be sorry, change.

Kevin & Jackie

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January 17, 2012

Prototype Fast

1. Innovation requires a lot of prototyping. Test it. Try it. Modify. Test it again. Game changers do this faster than their competitors.

2. Prototyping requires resilience—listen, learn, let go, and move on.

3. Resilience requires optimism. Believe that tomorrow will be better.

4. Optimism requires a leader who believes in you but won’t let you off the hook.

5. Have no shame in ideas that don’t work. Learning what doesn’t work is as important as learning what does. It moves you closer to an elegant solution.

6. Elegant solutions become game changers.

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Kevin & Jackie

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January 10, 2012

Where does innovation come from?
Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Innovation knows no titles. It is not bound by hierarchy, geography, gender, nor generation. And, it doesn’t only reside in R & D, the lab, or the design studio.

Innovation is Everyone’s Business.

What if you changed not only the rules of the game but also the RULE MAKERS in your organization? What if you literally changed who decides what projects have merit, who works on what, and who collaborates with whom?

Consider the cost of great ideas that get lost in the clutter of slow decision-making, budget negotiations, and management indifference?

Be ever so careful of compromising full-blown commitment for required compliance. How much energy is zapped because people are working on the boss’s pet project—not the one they really care about?

Where will the next blockbuster idea, the next creative insight come from in your organization? Who, where, and what might accelerate your next innovation?

Problem solvers, creative idea generators, and change agents can be anyone and can be found anywhere in an organization at anytime. Perhaps it’s inviting someone to commit to something they care about. Look around, is there anyone, anywhere ready to commit…change the rules, issue an invitation!

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Kevin & Jackie

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January 3, 2012

“Innovations often result from a desire to make something better”.

Here are 4 steps to kick start your own innovation revolution.

1. Ask, “Is there a problem in your workplace or industry that you think ‘someone’ ought to address?”

2. Invite big thinkers to help you clearly define the problem.

3. Reframe the problem as an invitation.  
For example: Ratan Tata did not say, “Solve this problem; more than 10 million people die in accidents involving two-wheelers every year in India.” Rather, Mr. Tata invited a team of engineers to join him in redesigning a car to be priced as a competitive alternative to driving a two-wheeler (Full story).

4. Think big, think bold, use “What if” questions to propose possible ideas and solutions to your problem.

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Kevin & Jackie

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