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An Invitation

Are You in Search of Leadership and Accountability?

Most of the executives we talk with are! As a matter of fact, we just heard from a leader in the U.S. Army, after reading our book BOOM!, he called and placed a significant order for resources to help him reinforce the message of leadership and accountability among his team.

So where do you begin your search? This Army leader started with BOOM!

Here is one example of how we search for great resources. Before we decide to buy a book we go to the end and read the last few pages. Then we flip to the table of contents and see if it draws us in and causes us to want more.

We designed our 3rd book BOOM! with that in mind. Check out the invitation we ended with and the table of contents. BOOM! is a book you can start anywhere. If you want to become more accountable then start at Choice # 2, if you want to learn what it means to play to your genius (do what you love, do what your good at and do what needs to be done) then we suggest you start at Choice # 5 . BOOM! is a journey of self-discovery, professional growth and servant leadership.

Recently we were invited to share our leadership philosophy with the Ken Blanchard Executive MBA graduates. We leaned heavily on BOOM! and here’s what we shared.

Leadership is a choice and you make critical choices around leading every day.

In order to lead big and lead bold you must:

  • Know yourself;
  • Grow yourself; and
  • Draw others up.

BOOM! takes you on a professional journey of lifting off the blinders (knowing yourself) and then stretches you to think big and act bold (grow yourself). And, in turn your example will inspire the best in others (draw others up).

Here are two NEW Motion Graphics to learn from and share!

If you’d like to give the gift of leadership and accountability, BOOM! is available in bulk to share with your team. Contact our office 619-624-9691 or download an order form and fax it to 619-624-9695.

50 Books are included when you bring the message live to your team!

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