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Do You Draw People Up or Drag People Down?

Gutsy Leaders Draw People Up!

We have a choice in all we do! We can engage in behaviors that build our personal brand or behaviors that destroy our brand.

We can engage in behaviors and habits that draw the team spirit up or drag the team down.

Recently USA Today’s Snapshots revealed the following helpful information for leaders and their teams:

These are the behaviors your co-workers find MOST annoying:

  • 41% Sloppy work
  • 23% Gossiping/engaging in office politics
  • 18% Missing deadlines
  • 12% Being perpetually late
  • 5%   Presenting others’ ideas as your own

Why not capitalize on the slowed pace of summer and use this data to improve your leadership brand and team spirit.

What if you shared this data with everyone on your team?

What if you ask each person to look in the mirror and choose two behaviors to improve in the next two months.

Make the summer a time of personal and professional brand building and behavior improvement.

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Wired for Loyalty!

Shame on Macy’s! They declined a $242 purchase because our Macy’s credit card balance was $2 (yes, exactly $2, no late fees, not interest, just $2). Absurd? We think so. Although it ended up working out better for us because we used our Southwest Airlines Rapid Reward card and we’ll get miles instead.

Coincidently, on the same day our purchase was declined by Macy’s we received a $20 Nordstrom Gift Note. Nordstrom’s, ongoing, way of saying “Thank You” for your loyalty. Guess who lost our business forever? If in doubt, let us be crystal clear, we are Nordstrom customers for life.

And fortunately this entire “experience” happened while reading Chip Bell and John Patterson’s new book, Wired and Dangerous how your customers have changed and what to do about it.

They define the new “normal” customer as restless, cautious, powerful and potentially dangerous. Why? Customers with a beef or a boast have always been able to share it with their friends. The difference today is that the reach of their connection via the Internet is enormous; the speed of their link is instantaneous.

Hello Macy’s, we are your new normal ex-customer, and we happen to be put-off, powerful, wired and dangerous. Wired and Dangerous will challenge AND change you! It’s a fun read and the book is loaded with real stories you’ll identify with over and over again.

As a consumer, it fuels your power as a customer. As a leader, or business owner, it proves the need to respond if you dare to ask. As any service provider (who cares) it proves, repeatedly, the necessity and POWER of high touch in our very high tech world.

Best of all, you’ll gain valuable tools for using this wired world to grow loyalty and turn the wired and dangerous to wired and devoted.

Share your stories…we want to know:

How are you wired and dangerous?

How are you using this wired world to strenghen customer loyalty?

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