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Don’t Compromise!

Hire The Right People

Recently we met with a healthcare system with approximately 14,000 employees. Over the last year they received over 130,000 employment applications.

What is the mantra pervading this system’s hiring decisions?

“Capitalize on these times, be ever so careful and do not compromise! With such a rich pool of talent available and eager to work, be strategic, hire for skill AND attitude and wait. Yes, be willing to wait, until you find just the right person.”

Why wait?

We live and work in a world where survival depends on employing people who will do whatever it takes to keep costs low, quality high and continually be on the lookout for new ways to innovate and add value to the customer. This requires more than compliance. It requires people who are committed to taking personal responsibility for offering sensational service. It also requires people who are willing to think and act like owners.

With information and technology growing at an explosive rate, many people make the mistake of hiring technically gifted people under the assumption that they can re-engineer any bad attitudes with sophisticated training programs or a bit of personal attention. ┬áIt doesn’t work! How many colleagues do you know who are suffering from the consequences of poor (or overly optimistic) hiring decisions?

As customers become more educated, more sophisticated, and more demanding, the future will belong to those companies that hire people who are already predisposed to assuming ownership for service, productivity and profits, people with the right kinds of attitudes AND skills!

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