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Archive for May, 2010

Can BP Take a Lesson from Goldcorp?

oil spillOver 10 years ago Rob McEwen at Goldcorp took an ailing gold mine in the Red Lake area of Canada and did what no one in the gold mining industry had ever done before. He tapped into the intellectual capital of the entire globe.

Intrigued with open source innovation and collaboration, McEwen ran a contest and did the unthinkable. He published 50 years of super secret geological data on the Goldcorp’s 55,000-acre mine in Red Lake. Then, he ran a contest inviting contestants to help Goldcorp find the gold.

Over 1400 people from around the world downloaded the Goldcorp data. The company received 71 proposals from 55 countries proposing to use technology and methods, in many cases, Goldcorp didn’t know about or had never considered. (more…)

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How to Take the Lead and Get Great Customer Service

angry manDon’t be a jerk.

While doing the research for our book, NUTS! we were impressed and humored by a story that a customer service agent shared. Check out this source for positive experience of custom services. Late one evening, a disgruntled customer approached the Southwest Airlines’ agent counter yelling and complaining that his bags were lost. After a brief venom spewing session, the agent kindly and calmly leaned toward the customer and said, “Sir, right here, right now, there are only two people interested in finding your bags and one of us is quickly losing interest.”

Southwest Airlines, has always blazed the trail on “people first policies.” Their customer service philosophy, as surprising as it sounds, is this: the customer is NOT always right! If a customer is abusing an employee, Southwest will fire the customer or invite the customer to do business elsewhere. Is your business willing to fire an unruly, abusive customer?

Today there are zillions of books touting the importance of delivering great service. In general, it seems the responsibility for delivering unforgettable service rests in the hands of the customer service team. As customers, it’s become normal to “expect” great service—but do we always “deserve” it?


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Gutsy Leadership From One of America’s Finest

We are truly defined by our choices.

For over 20 years we’ve been honored to partner with the United States Marine Corps Recruiter School, teaching presentation skills to many of America’s finest young Marines. A dear friend and retired Marine sent us the video below and it is truly worthy viewing!

So, whichever side of the war you are on it does not matter, this young man’s courage, optimism and vision will touch your heart, stir your soul and pull you out of whatever self-pity parties you are tempted to attend.

In anticipation of Memorial Day, we thank all of you who have chosen to serve. Semper Fi!

What would you choose to do today, if you were really brave?

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Garbage in, Garbage out—It’s More Than a Food Revolution

Wimpy KidIt’s not just the jumbo popcorn, candy and soda we have to worry about in the theaters these days! It’s even something more important.

My girlfriend and I took the kids to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We’re big fans of the books so we were excited to see the movie over spring break. Ten minutes into the movie, I’m feeling uncomfortable, but optimistic and hopeful it will get better. Shoot, the books made us laugh, shouldn’t the movie do the same?

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What Do You Stand For?

Sitting on Question MarkDoes your company take a stand? For more than 40 years, Southwest Airlines has taken a stand for freedom. Their purpose is, and always has been, to democratize the skies by making flying affordable. They give people the freedom to go, see and do things they never dreamed possible. Google’s purpose is to organize the world’s information by making it universally useful and accessible. USAA’s purpose is serving those who serve. They do this by offering first class financial services to those who serve in all branches of the military. Plantree’s purpose is patient centered care. They have taken hospitals to a new level by blending the best of spas, five star hospitality and healthcare. SAS institute’s purpose is giving clients the power to know by providing cutting edge business analytics software and services.

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Building a Best in Class Leadership Brand

leadership blurredAristotle believed, “we are what we repeatedly do.” Reputation then, is not an act but a habit. The lesson? Check your habits regularly, because you are building a reputation through all that you do.

Are you proud of what you practice—the habits in which you repeatedly engage? Are you proud of who you’ve become—the reputation you have built?

Reputation and brand lies within us. It is what we do. If you are not happy with your reputation then change your behavior, change what you do!

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