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How Leaders Filter Information

Learn to stay focused.

Life comes at you fast, funny commercials, yet a hauntingly true tagline used by Nationwide Insurance. It speaks to me every time I hear it! Why? In the spirit of trying to keep pace with a media and information rich economy, I find myself feeling more behind than ahead, more overwhelmed than enriched, and far more distracted than relaxed. Living and working in a constantly connected world can easily lead to information overload and make us oh so vulnerable to information gluttony.

So how can we find a way to manage all this cool, readily available knowledge? How do we keep it from taking over our lives? How do we use it to help us get ahead and become more enriched? Is it possible to relax and stay focused in the midst of it all?

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How Leaders Inspire Hope

Are you in search of ingenuity and innovation? In this video, Kevin reminds leaders of the power we have to turn things around and inspire recovery.

In what ways are you motivating and inspiring those you lead? How have others inspired you with hope?

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