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A Leader’s Guide to Free Enterprise

Some of you probably already read Steve Forbe’s article ( link below). But in case you didn’t, it is well worth your time.

  • What would happen if a critical mass of people in this country truly understood the blessing, beauty, and responsibility of free enterprise:
  • Would we have a nation of fewer victims?
  • Would we stimulate more of the kind of entrepreneurial innovation that made this the greatest nation on earth?
  • Would we radically transform our economic policies and those who establish them?

Capitalism: A True Love Story

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The Art of Apology

If it’s human to be wrong then why do we find it so difficult to apologize? Especially when our mistakes are obvious. We teach our kids to fess up and apologize. Then fail to do the same.

Reading this blog from Iconoculture reminded me of Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos, who masterfully demonstrated the art of the apology. Don’t quite know why Bezos’ apology hit me so hard. Perhaps it’s because I wonder if I would have the humility, remorse, and confidence to do the same when I screw up—which is often. Or, maybe it’s because we see so little of this among business leaders, physicians, and politicians today who fear that vulnerability leads to litigation or worse, tarnished image.

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How to Lead Extreme Team Building

To strengthen teamwork, increase collaboration, or to deeply bond with your colleagues without having to sing Kumbaya, try this exercise at your next corporate retreat.

Which of your coworkers would you choose to partner with on this exercise?

I’d choose any of mine. After 13 years working together, I know they are trustworthy.

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If Life SUCKS…

the life, energy and enthusiasm out of you…

Lead Through It!

Take just 4 minutes to adjust your attitude, raise your personal happy meter and get inspired to bust some new moves on your projects—then pass it on!

Who has inspired you lately? Who will you inspire today?

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