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Staying Alive

Leaders Live Well

Looks like leaders have this wired! If you want to live long and well, surround yourself with GOOD people, nurture close relationships, and connect face to face through social integration. That means put your phones away. Social media is not an adequate substitute for authentic connection.

Take a cue from the experts, living well is not only about your genes, weight, air quality or vices. It’s more important that you’re well connected and personally fulfilled. And, oh BTW, this doesn’t mean you’re living your life and posting everything on social media. If you are, it is time to put your smart technology aside and get real, get face to face, break bread, and engage in deep meaningful conversation.

And the next time someone extends you a hand, go in for the hug… It might just be a key to living long and well!

Image Credit: Susan Pinker’s TED Talk, The Secret to Living Longer May be Your Social Life

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