Drs. Kevin and Jackie Freiberg

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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

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Dr. Jackie Freiberg & Dr. Kevin Freiberg

(pronounced “Fry-berg”)

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We’re always looking for thought leaders with innovative ideas to help us increase productivity, loyalty and profitability. So we chose a couple of speakers who have dedicated their careers to knowing, writing and speaking about leaders who are disrupting their industries through purpose, innovation and people-centered organizations.

Jackie and Kevin Freiberg (Fry-berg) are authors of 7 award winning books:

NUTS! The international bestseller describing Southwest Airlines’ leadership, culture and
profitability. Followed by,




Do Something Now and Be a Person of Impact, and most recently,

CAUSE! A Business Strategy for Standing Out in A Sea of Sameness. Companies that define themselves as cause oriented stand out! They have better employee engagement, customer loyalty, stronger profitability and growth, all of which the freibergs document in CAUSE!

Jackie and Kevin have spent their careers exposing the core values and unconventional business strategies of gutsy leaders in successful companies. They’re here today to equip us with ideas and strategies for moving our organization in bold new directions to accelerate client loyalty through innovation and leadership!

Please welcome Dr. Jackie and Dr. Kevin Freiberg (Fry-berg)