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Culture is a Choice

We’ve been writing, consulting and speaking to the value of corporate culture since before it was cool to “do culture.”

Today, all great companies are committed to doing whatever-it-takes to improve the workplace through a focus on culture, leadership and employee engagement. Yet we issue a warning, focusing on culture isn’t easy, it is not a quick fix. Be warned, you will make progress, you will have set backs, you will experience pockets of positive disruption as well as pockets of disgrace and discouragement. In all cases it is the role of the leaders to stay steadfast and maintain your resolve.

Here is what we challenge leaders to own and do when culture transformation is slower than expected. Remember…

When you can’t feel or see it… Model it Anyway.


Culture is not a meeting, a set back, a bad day or a bad hire. Culture is a journey and every journey is filled with peaks and valleys, good and bad days, successes and screw ups. Hold on tight to the vision of the culture you want to create, that should be your guidepost, target, beacon.

A great leader knows that achieving a desired or improved culture requires rising above the day to day grid regardless of how toxic it gets.

Culture will be accelerated (or decelerated) by the choices, conversations, reactions and behaviors modeled at the top.

So even if you don’t FEEL it, remember, feelings are real but they may not be accurate. So even if you don’t feel like modeling the vision for culture, DO IT anyway:

  • live the values
  • model the behaviors you expect of others,
  • say what you mean, mean what you say but, never say it mean, and
  • even if you can’t see it… believe it and live it, be and model the change you want to see in your pocket/circle of influence.

For more on the value of a Branded Culture, a workplace that differentiates and helps you attract the right people, host productive meetings, and inspire innovation and change, check out How Famous is Your Culture.


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