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Are you Brave Enough for the Mirror Challenge?

Don’t be sorry…CHANGE!

None of us has arrived. A true test of leadership is if you’re brave enough to take a good look in the mirror and assess yourself honestly. Pick the characteristic you are most guilty of and CHANGE. Hold yourself accountable by doing a self-evaluation every week for 7 weeks and Dare to Share your personal evaluation publicly with your team for a true accountability check. Watch your impact improve.

Recruiting Strategies that Work!

Hiring for Attitude and Training for Skill

Check out this dancing Ramp Agent! 22 years ago, we wrote NUTS! – Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal SuccessIt’s GREAT to see Southwest  still hires people who embody joy and purpose!

How about you? Are your recruiting strategies building your desired culture and service brand or are they bruising or blocking your brand? For more on how to hire for attitude, check out our how-to Hire People Who Don’t Suck! the life, passion, and energy out of you!

5 Lessons Nelson Mandela Taught The World About Change

Written by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, this article originally appeared in Forbes.com July 19, 2018.

(Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

Inspiring Change

Only July 18, Nelson Mandela, affectionately referred to by his clan or family name, Madiba, would have turned 100. The legacy of this iconic leader lives on in the hearts of a nation and a global community who find inspiration and hope from the way he lived his life and led his country. To celebrate his 100th birthday we reflect on just a few of the things he taught us about leadership and change.


Got Trust Issues?

Everyone Does!

This TED Talk will give you PRICELESS insights into how to build and/or rebuild trust wherever it may be lacking. It is well worth the 15 minute watch to identify your “wobble” and deeply DOABLE strategies for improving.

How Good are You?

3 Suggestions for Getting to the Truth

Here are some simple, yet powerful strategies for improving your interviewing skills, leadership skills, and conversation skills. Marshall Goldsmith, the #1 leadership coach in this country asks the #1 best interviewer in the country, CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo for some advice. “How do you get to the truth?”

Cuomo’s response? “Do your homework. Listen. And go back!”

Try applying these tools in your next interview, conversation, or meeting. They might help you achieve the outcomes you desire or help you get closer to truth and authenticity.