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Enough Said!


Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!

Rewarding Performance

How creative are you at rewarding people for high performance? Great leadersĀ have bold vision, big expectations, and servant hearts. Even the smallest gesture can let your team know you see them and appreciate them.

We’re not big sweet and treat people and really don’t want to promote Everything Sweet, butĀ here’s a few examples of people appreciation that might get your creative wheels spinning!



Jackie’s New Demo Reel

Lead Together – Lead ToGetHer

Today, everyone hires, sells and markets to women. Jackie helps leaders and their teams lead together and better understand the female market. Why? Because women control 86% of US and 65% of global spending. And that’s just the beginning. It’s anticipated that by 2020, women will control $72.1 trillion globally!

Women are multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multi-dimensional – they are not the same. To truly understand hiring, marketing and selling to women, you have to know what is unique to each group – what motivates them, what they care about and what their priorities are so you and your business can focus your messages to enrich and motivate HER!


Servant Leadership in 3 Sentences

Just Say’n

How you treat people matters – even those you don’t personally know. Everyone deserves dignity. That’s what servant leaders offer…dignity…even in the difficult conversations!

Say what you mean.

Mean what you say.

Never say it MEAN.



Why You Should Share What You Learn

Sharing Knowledge to Create Action

Leaders are always looking for ways to grow, impact and improve performance. Think about what you do with learning, knowledge and those ah-ha moments. Some of the best leaders we know are great teachers. They love to share their lessons learned, their successes and screw ups. When we teach and share, we empower others with a desire to know more and that creates an enriching learning loop. That learning loop creates collaboration and with collaboration we achieve higher levels of trust and performance.

What have you learned lately?

How have you shared it with others, and what impact did it have on their results or performance? Ask your team to set some Learn, Teach and Apply/Action Goals and to track their success AND failures – both are rich with lessons.