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Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Let it Go

Drop It!

What are you holding or harboring that is adding NO value? Do an assessment of who and what you need to let go. Leaders hang on to what is fruitful and let go of the rest.

5 Words to Leadership

Leaders Live in Fives

10. Be faithful. Extend grace. Pray.

Conversational Capital for Thanksgiving

Evidence of Abundance

Despite the negative news pushed by the media and various daily feeds, the world is getting better and there is substantial evidence to prove it. Check out this Evidence of Abundance eBook by Peter Diamandis and his team. It offers great cause for celebration and gratitude in a world that wants us to believe otherwise. Enjoy.

What Matters More?

                              Your Example!

Is your opinion helping or hindering progress and change? Leaders always choose to ENRICH others and the world through helpful words and actions. What have you done lately to make the world around you better?


Less is More

Be Specific

Eliminate these 15 words from your vocabulary to sound smarter. Here is the list and why, in a post from themuse