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May we all be mindful and grateful to those who Serve and those we’ve lost in the calling of Freedom for all.



Are you guilty of what Dave Grady calls MAS (mindless accept syndrome) where you automatically accept meeting invites without really considering if it’s the BEST use of your time?

Take control of your time, accept with mindful attention and only after you’ve determined a meeting is the most efficient way to accomplish your desired outcomes/goals.

Why not spare everyone some time, and consider picking up the phone, email, an office visit, or walk and talk.

Zero Talent

Exponential Value

Our middle daughter, Aubrey, is a firefighter, so we are privy to countless Service Credos. This one caught our attention because these very things can be said of any position or career choice.

So, how are you and your team showing up?

What if…. you hold your team accountable to showing up “all in” and ask everyone to evaluate themselves and each other. Where are the highest needs for improvement and development? Set some goals and strive for adding more value by showing up ready and able, no excuses.

Do You Work on a Team?

A Few Lessons to Run With…

“…both have ’players’ with specialties…both have roster turnover and compete for free-agent talent…both deal with budget constraints. To win, their players must be a team.”

Jim Pawlak’s, Biz Book review concisely describes how Bochy Ball is a book for entrepreneurs and business leaders–baseball fans or not. A 3-min lesson-packed read.

Juggling A lot?

Dropping Any Balls?

If you are dropping balls, it’s time to take charge and lead more intentionally. Your boss, your team, your colleagues, your neighbor, your spouse, your kids, your coach, your dog (you get it), are not responsible for you and your place in life – YOU are!

Your happiness, job satisfaction, sense of accomplishment, ability to make a difference, and your ultimate success depends upon YOU, not THEM! We tell our three children, “You may not like your teacher, your boss, your coach, and your friends won’t always be nice – so don’t let any of them determine how you feel or act and, which balls you drop, that’s your choice, you’re responsible!