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Are You Building a Learning Organization?

Style and Tone Matter

Leaders build, block or bruise a learning culture based upon their style and impact on people. Do you coach or shame? Do you challenge or criticize? Style and tone matter. Check both and work on what it will take to BUILD, not block a learning culture.


How Leaders Shape Culture

Adopting a Team-First Mentality

For your team to play to it’s full potential, often times the culture must be rebuilt. A critical first step in rebuilding is identifying the dysfunction within your organization. Establishing new foundational values and priorities that support the team is something Giant’s Manager Bruce Brochy has done with great success. Here’s a Chapter 4 excerpt from Bochy Ball, detailing how Boch worked with his players and General Manager to align his team, create a level playing field, and introduce an “all for one and one for all” culture.

Share this pdf with your team to create a culture that will allow you to deploy your own winning strategies.



Get to Know $he $trength During Women’s History Month!

The Future is Looking Female

Today women control $22 trillion in purchasing power and by 2020, it’s estimated that she will control $72.1 trillion globally in purchasing power. If you do business in any of these industries, Jackie can help you better understand her. To bring the message live, contact Amy@freibergs.com.



Art and Science?

With spring training underway, we’re sharing more insights and excerpts from Bochy Ball on what it takes to create chemistry in business, baseball, and life. Chemistry is the power that happens when we reward people who value collaboration, cooperation, and connectivity over self-interest, individuality, and personal achievement.  Here is a pdf from Bochy Ball – use it as your blueprint for growing team chemistry and igniting your team’s success.




Are You Coachable?


What Did Your Coach Say?

Leaders are coachable! That means they don’t “yea, but…” They LISTEN, apply, adjust and improve. We all need coaching at various times in our personal and professional lives, even if it’s not from a so-called “Coach.” We should all find people who represent wise, respected, insightful perspectives in the spirit of stretching and growing ourselves.

Take a moment to consider who that person is in your life. Could you benefit from their coaching?